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    James Pretlow Multimedia Solutions delivers solid integrated digital applications helping you propel your organization .Our WorkGet Started
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Solutions for all devices

Display screens are not created equally. We ensure our responsive design will render on desktop and mobile devices.

Integrated Coding Plus Design

At James Pretlow, our teams of professional graphic designers and coding specialists work together to create truly dynamic web presences,

Custom Tailored Solutions

We listen to what you want and deliver solutions that work. Our implementation professionals finish the job on time.

Amaze, Discover, CreateWe custom tailor solutions to help you. We a fanatical about delivering the best customer experience you will ever have.

We listen to your needs

We listen to you. Then we design and deliver custom tailored solutions that exceed your expectations..

Flexible Creativity

Our creative teams are experts in User Experience (UX) Design and keep your requirements in mind when designing your solutions..

Define, Build, Test

We provide consistent value by constantly developing, refining and improving uniform sets of processes.

Global Teams

Our professional contributors are located all across the planet. Our collaboration tools allow us to work effectively for you.

On Premises Integration

A powerful core custom made content networking model that seamlessly integratesyour customers' web and on premises User Experience..


Responsive Design

A responsive layout adapts to the viewing device, whether mobile, tablet or a small or larger desktop to ensure your site is accessible on all devices.